The following list of Frequently Asked Questions might provide answers to your question and solve your problems faster than we are able to reply your messages.


Cerulean Heart is an indie game. We are not a company with staffs.
Therefore, sometimes we may not be able to hear all suggestions for the game. But we will appreciate it!

We are only a team of 2 people. We would very appreciate the patience for an answer! Good rating will encourage us to deliver better performance for everyone.

Should there be a question that is not listed in here, please kindly send us an email to [email protected] or message us in

Post Update Problems

We made a guide to those having problems after the update.
The update is much bigger than the previous (Douglas arc), therefore it needs more memory in your phone than previous ones.
Android 5 is confirmed to be unable to play our game. (Some Android 4 might work such as Samsung Note 10.1).
If you cannot upgrade your OS to Android 6.1 (Samsung older phones and tablets are known to unable to upgrade their OS) we recommend playing on PC with Android emulator!

We recommend using BlueStacks. It has been tested and work flawlessly!

Hope this helps!

Before downloading the game, please check the minimum requirements to play the game.
We are not able to solve problems if your device does not meet minimum requirement to play the game.

Minimum Requirements

Please note that we are unable to “fix” issues when your device does not meet the minimum requirements.
It is not advised to install the game if your device does not meet the minimum requirements. High chance Cerulean Heart won't run properly.


Help page inside the game settings will explain and answer most of the questions.

A: It is likely that you are referring to a character main story that has not been released.
For more information about current game season chapters, please refer to the game description in our download page.
The game is currently in season 1. It's meant to introduce game features. More stories are coming. Please check below content for the game season 1.
Season one
  • Yukio main story (9 chapters)
  • BHC main story (1 chapter only)
  • 7 Senpai extras
  • 1 yukio extra
  • 1 sensei extra
  • 2 BHC extras
There are no more chapters. So you cannot unlock it.
Senpai and sensei main story aren't released.
Pianist - Douglas Williams main story is next, scheduled to be released this 30th June 2017.
A: Sadly we cannot tell you when a certain character main routes will appear, since the story is linear and connected, telling you when they will be released is like a spoiler to the story. But we can tell you this, almost all of the main characters will appear either as a supporting role or a cameo.
We will try to add in at least one extra stories per character even if it’s not their own arc.
A: We planned a monthly update for main story. And extra stories are planned to be released in-betweens (estimation: 15th every month for extras, and 30th ~ 31st every month).
Take note that we are only a very small team with freelancers, so we cannot deliver updates as quickly as big companies.
Please know that we are working our hardest to deliver the best content, and we do not want to rush and make the quality lesser than intended.
We ask for your understanding If a delay should occur. We will of course hand out compensation for a delay.
A: No. As we mentioned many times, this game has only ONE story and one ending. The story is all connected. You cannot pick a lover. Each character’s main story are not meant to be their “route” to have Yukio end up with them. It’s simply a story which focuses on that certain character.
Please consider reading an ongoing manga story in a form of visual novel.
A: No. Since there is only one ending, options in this game are only for fun. There might be a penalty for wrong answers, but it should be able to clear easily.
A: It does not suit the main story, and we didn’t want this game to be another typical dating sim game. We want to focus on the story and avoided dating sim elements similar to “Choose-your-guy”. Take note this story genre is a harem romance. So main character Yukio will have romantic hints with all the love interests.
A: No. All stories are free to play. The only thing you need to do to unlock them is by doing quests. And the story is yours forever. You wouldn’t have to redo the quests or wait anymore in the future. All quests can be easily cleared with just waiting it out. We also have a part-time system so you can earn in game money easily to buy the items for the quest.
A: Part time or watch ads. If you don’t wish to buy gems in premium store, you could always farm free gems from part time. You could also watch ads in Main Menu -> Free gifts -> Bribe BHC. However, the button only appears after BHC brings you free gifts every 4 hours. Watching ads will give you 2 gems.
A: No. All stories are free to play. The only thing you need to do to unlock them is by doing quests. And the story is yours forever. You wouldn’t have to redo the quests or wait anymore in the future. All quests can be easily cleared with just waiting it out. We also have a part-time system so you can earn in game money easily to buy the items for the quest.


A: It is likely that your device is running out of memory or that the downloaded file is corrupted.
After making sure the game is saved, you could try clearing memory, reboot phone (turn off for 15 seconds not restart), and reinstall again to see if it helps.
Other than that, it is likely the RAM and GPU is not able to process the graphics properly due to high memory usage, and images appearing as black. Your device might have met the requirement to INSTALL the game, but it does not meet requirement for it to run properly.
We are unable to fix issues with RAM or GPU issues.
A: White rectangular may have been a mistake in our end. Please report where you found it or kindly send us a screenshot. We will fix it ASAP.


A: Cerulean Heart is an online game. It requires a strong and stable connection. Strong wi-fi signal does not guarantee internet stability. If you are sure you have a good internet connection, usually a simple reboot will fix the problem.
A: A simple reboot by turning off the phone for 15 seconds (not direct restart) have fixed most of the cases.
A: Please make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements to play the game.
There are very few reports of crashes. But if it does happen, usually a simple phone reboot (DO NOT UNINSTALL) will fix the problem. Turn off for 15 seconds to clear memory. And try again.

If problem still persists, it’s likely that your device does not meet minimum requirement.
The game have relatively large file size (540MB). Your device might not have enough RAM or memory storage to properly load the game, causing it to crash. Small resolution phone (Below 720pixels) is not able to run the game.
Reportedly, phones with 1GB RAM lower have difficulties playing the game.

You could try cleaning INTERNAL storage (Not from memory card) until it has enough space to run the game. Reportedly games with only 5% remaining memory is not able to run the game.
Check memory from settings -> Memory.
Check settings -> Storage. Is 95% of the memory is used? It’s possible to cause lag this way.
Apps installs in INTERNAL STORAGE. Not micro card SD. Internal storage may be insufficient to run the game properly (causing graphical errors).

Budget android phones are known to have difficulties playing the game.
Unfortunately, phones such as Samsung Galaxy ace has a lower end processor, low display resolution as well as a small amount of ram.
Although your device meets the requirements to install app, its specifications doesn't allow it to run well. Cerulean Heart requires higher performing devices with a satisfactory GPU (graphics processing unit). We are unable to “fix” this issue otherwise.

A: If your phone has more RAM and still unable to run and have large resolution, there might be too many apps playing in the background causing device lags and leading to app crash. Please try playing after you restart your phone (Turn off for 15 seconds to clear memory) without any other background apps. Please also try clearing up internal storage to avoid any lags.

There might be a connection issue causing game to lag.

If problem still persists, unfortunately, we are unable to fix this problem.

A: We are not able to offer any other solution except to try and install in another device that meets the minimum requirement. If by chance another device fails to load the game, there’s unfortunately nothing we can do to solve this issue.
Hopefully we will release a PC version so that everyone can play it more easily.
Refer to “Game Platform” for more information.


A: Before uninstall or changing devices, please make absolutely sure you have saved your game data using the same google play account which you used to download the game before uninstalling the game.
Unfortunately, for cases which player data are gone due to unsaved game progress are impossible to be restored.
We are not responsible for data loss in above case.
A: Very likely it is a device-specific problem or you did not agree to log into account the first time you installed the game. You might be downloading the game from a 3rd party mirror, or didn’t download it from google play store. Devices from china brand have known to block google services. There is nothing we can do to fix this, since it is not a game bug. You must have google play store, and a google playstore account.
A: No. But first you must be absolutely sure that you have saved your game data using the SAME GOOGLE ACCOUNT which you used to download the game.
Press cloud save button on the game left bottom screen. Press save game. There will be a confirmation screen.
A: Using the same google account email, press cloud save button. Click load game. And for confirmation, press load game again. The game will then restart and you should be able to play it.
If there is no progress, it is very likely you did not login to the same google account email or forgot to save your progress before uninstalling.


A: Yes. But first, we must investigate the case. If this happens send us an email with your google account email.
We are not able to refund if you report through review system.
We are only able to refund purchases with game error related issues.
A: All in-app-purchases are final and non-refundable.


A: Yes we will. We are developing for an iOS version once the android version is more stable. We will eventually develop a PC version. But it is very unlikely to be released soon. We plan to release it when the game is completed. Take note, PC version will not be free like the android version.


A: Before reporting a bug, your question might have been answered in this page. But if you still have any questions, messaging us is the fastest way to grab our attention.

Do not report bugs in game review.

It's unlikely to be solved due to limited character limits (350 words), and the limited information of the bug. We are not able to assist / locate any bug using this method.
Kindly send us an email or message.
Please give us a chance to solve your issue!

Please mention in what screen the bug comes from, and tell us what did you do before the bug appears.
Lastly we need to know what device you used (exactly what model it is) and your android version.
We are unable to locate bugs with vague details.


A: Origame Studio is only able to offer assistance for bug report in English. Please avoid writing to us in languages other than English.
A: Unlikely. We have no plans for it. But there is a chance of it being translated to Japanese language.


A: Yes of course. We will feature fanarts that are given to us.

Please send your fanart to our email. With your permission, we will feature it to our social media sites. Please include your pen-name or a link. We will not include captions.
If you have uploaded the fanart yourself to your account, we are able to Retweet, Share from facebook, or reblog! Feel free to send us a heads-up.
It is allowed to make adult-only fanart, but we are not able to feature it.

It is restricted to draw fanarts of Cerulean Heart to promote sensitive matters (religion shaming, hate-speech, racism speech, etc), out-of-character depictions that will cause harm to our reputation.
Fanarts cannot include copyrighted assets that belongs to ORIGAME STUDIO (logos, in-game sprites, backgrounds, etc).
Such works will not be featured in our social media.
We would be very happy to see all of your creations!

We reserve the rights to decline to feature any fanarts without giving our any reasons.
A: No. Currently we do not allow any fan-made merchandise to be sold in convention.
All trademarks and assets (characters, design, sprites, artworks, etc) belongs to ORIGAME STUDIO. It will be a case of IP infringements.